Beatr music

Real time beats and speech driven by ambient wireless traffic and social media content.

Evelyne Drouin (dj mini)

Hard working dj and producer from montreal, mini’s style evolves from electro to techno through melancholic melodies and rasor sharp basslines.

Jeffrey Dungen

Leveraging his engineering skills and technological insights Jeff enjoys to build disruptive sensor network technologies.

Olivier Lalonde

Creative entrepreneur and outside the box thinker. Olivier is a hardworking, highly motivated, enterprising professional, with 10+ years of experience in business, music and technology.

Claude Jr Belizaire

Engaged in machine learning and real-time communications, Claude’s goal is to produce applications that will enhance people’s life.

What we do

Our mission is to explore the interaction between people and their environments. In order to achieve this, we plan to install prototypes in museums and galleries and let people merge their devices and experience real-time social communications.

Get in touch

Contact us to create a custom beatr music environment for your office space.